Recordit PepperStation

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screencast tour

Recordit tour

Take a tour of Recordit and see for yourself how easy managing your forms and customer submissions really is.

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view captured form data

form details and files

View all the details of a form submission and download files captured by Recordit!

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setup a response page

response page

Create great looking response pages for your forms that match your website. No HTML experience is needed with the built in WYSIWYG editor!

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setup a response email

response email

Send custom response and notification emails to your visitors and webmaster. Emails may be created in HTML and text formats.

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one click export!

1-click export

Export new form submissions with a single click! With our quick exports, you're just a click away from your valuable data.

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easily search and export your data

search & export

It's easy to search and export your data. Customize which fields are included in your export and in what order. Export your information in Excel, CSV, AND HTML formats.

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automatically add to Constant Contact account

add to Constant Contact account

Automatically add a visitor's email address to your Constant Contact account.

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